Family Promise Rental and Our Church - Archived

The Board and the Building Use Teams are happy to announce that we are renting the Room 5 studio apartment to Family Promise Hawaii.  We welcomed a young family on March 1.  They will be living here possibly for three months at which time a new family will be hosted and vetted by the Family Promise program.  Mahalo to all who helped ready the room, painting, repairing, cleaning:  Kay Armstrong, Beth Beyers, Dan Carpenter, Jim Cooper, Martina Queenth, Nancy Schildt, Sue Yamane-Carpenter, Laurel Zeri. Anyone who would like to help with this hosting program by donating/organizing material goods or helping with the monthly rent contact Nancy Schildt 808 225-2744.

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  1. I left off some “s”s. I meant to ask: “What kinds of things will be needed for this family?”

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