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Family Promise – A Homeless Housing Service

Aloha, all,

We at the First Unitarian Church have made a commitment to be a support church 4 weeks a year when families in the Family Promise Program are staying overnight at Nuuanu Congregational Church.  We have been involved in this program for many years.

Ideally, we would be responsible for preparing dinner for up to 20 people and serving it 7 nights and providing a person to stay overnight at the church for security.  3 to 4 families sleep in the rooms at the church for the week.  In order for a family to be active in the Family Promise Program, 1 adult must be working, the school-aged children must be attending school and the family must be homeless.

We have 3-4 church members/families/groups that participate regularly in this program.  We need commitments to provide dinner 7 nights during the week of Nuuanu’s rotation and have an overnight person for 7 nights (not the same person each night).

We have the dates for 2019 so you can plan ahead.

Week starting Sunday, January 20, 2019 (yes, we realize that’s coming up SOON…).

Week starting Sunday, April 7, 2019,

Week starting Sunday, September 8, 2019; and

Week starting Sunday, November 3, 2019.


Family Promise is quite a successful program in getting working families into permanent housing, the kind of program that we UU’s say we want to support.  Let us put our hands to work – not just our mouths.


Please talk to Molly Rowland, Nancy Young, Catherine Graham, Nancy Schildt and Janice Davis.  These are the folks who have volunteered regularly to provide dinners.  This is a terrific project for your Chalice Circles or family.  The meals are served in the gym that has a basketball net – fun to play with the children.


Call or email me with any questions or to sign up.  January 20 rotation is right around the corner.

741-4317 or


Catherine Graham


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