Faith Action Op Ed - Archived

Faith Action’s Environmental Justice Task Force and Blue Planet Foundation co-authored an “Island Voices” article that was published in the Star-Advertiser on Nov. 11.  Entitled, “Council should make city walkable, with right-sized parking,” the article is about Bill 2, which is currently being considered by the Honolulu City Council.  As introduced, the bill would, over time, restructure Honolulu’s urban landscape to make it more environmentally sustainable.  

Bill 2, unamended, would have its greatest effects in densely populated areas, encouraging housing to be located within easy walking distance of shops, restaurants, child care, fitness facilities, health care, and social service agencies.  The bill would reduce the current requirements for parking stalls since many are not used.  The bill encourages walkable neighborhoods that minimize the need for driving.  

Environmental organizations supported Bill 2 in the form in which it was introduced.  Development interests, however, want to make substantial amendments to the bill that would minimize its environmental benefits.    

For those with Star-Advertiser subscriptions, here is a link to the article:

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