Faith Action News for September 11-12


The public is invited to a free online event, entitled, “Hawaii Environmental Change Agents,” which will preview environmental issues that will be priorities in the 2022 legislative session.  

Faith Action’s Environmental Justice Task Force and fifteen other environmental organizations are sponsoring this event, which features three Chairs of State Legislative Committees that are responsible for environmental issues.  They will present their priorities and answer questions.  In addition, the sponsoring environmental organizations will present their top priorities.

This free online event will be held as follows:

Saturday, September 18, 2021
10:00 to 11:30 am
Register in advance at:

Clara Ontal of the Hawaii Youth Climate Coalition and the Chair of the event planning committee said, “This event brings together environmental committee chairs and environmental organizations.  We will share our priorities, with the intent of building collaborative relationships that will be effective in ultimately passing legislation that will benefit the environment and the people of Hawaii.”

Noel Morin of the Hawaii Electric Vehicle Association said, “The many environmental issues in Hawaii cover a broad spectrum.  Climate change is upon us, causing disasters in different parts of the world.  Hawaii must do its part to control climate change, but there is no single silver bullet.  A multi-faceted solution is needed, and we will explore the most effective and practical alternatives at this event.”

The three featured Committee Chairs are Senator Mike Gabbard, Chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Environment; Representative Nicole Lowen, Chair of the House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection; and Representative David Tarnas, Chair of the House Committee on Water and Land.

The environmental organizations sponsoring this event are Sierra Club Hawaii and Sierra Club Big Island, Environmental Justice Task Force of Faith Action for Community Equity, The Nature Conservancy, Blue Planet Foundation, Surfrider Foundation Oahu, Citizens Climate Lobby: Hawaii chapters, Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party, Hawaii, Center for Biological Diversity, Climate Protectors Hawaii, Hawaii Reef and Ocean Coalition, Our Revolution Hawaii, Pono Hawaii Initiative, Hawaii Youth Climate Coalition, Kauai Climate Action Coalition, and Hawaii Electric Vehicle Association.

Investment News

Just as we wrap up the individual investment drive, Faith Action also has begun its annual corporate investment drive.  As the following announcement indicates, we are happy to have received support from Kamehameha Schools:

Faith Action for Community Equity is thrilled to announce a generous contribution from Kamehameha Schools for our 2021 Corporate Investment Drive! Working at the intersection of ensuring the well-being of all who live in Hawaii, especially those of Native Hawaiian descent, Kamehameha Schools and Faith Action share a common goal of increasing the supply of affordable housing in our communities.

Please join us in sending a warm mahalo to Kamehameha Schools for their continued support of Faith Action’s work, and Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, whose legacy continues to reach thousands! To learn more about Kamehameha Schools, click here. To learn more about Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, click here.

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