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Ikaika Hussey steps back from role as Faith Action president 

Dear friends,

We are living in turbulent, frightening times, when regressive forces are circling, preparing to strike. The US Supreme Court is overturning Roe v. Wade, with plans to further erode LGBTQ rights – then you know there’s never been a more important moment for us to live our faith, and to take action for a better world for all.

Thirty years ago, at a retreat for teenage Catholics seeking the sacrament of Confirmation, my classmates and I watched a video about poverty and injustice in the global South. The adult discussion leader said that the best way to confront these injustices is through prayer.

I disagreed. When we can see injustice – when it has a name, a face, and often a headquarters – then we must confront it directly, with our bodies, our voices, and our spirits. As our friends the Quakers say, sometimes we are led prophetically, to bring a better world into being through our words and our actions.

Politics is how I choose to live my faith, which is why I’m seeking election to the Honolulu City Council. To ensure the sanctity and pono of this vital congregation, I’m stepping back from my role as president of Faith Action, effective March 25, 2022. I will continue to join you in putting our faith into action.

Ikaika Hussey


As FA president, Danicole Ramos looks forward to listening and learning

Aloha, Faith Action Ohana,

I want to thank Ikaika for his service to Faith Action and his years of dedication to grassroots organizing.  I wish him the best in future endeavors.

As I succeed Ikaika, I come to it humbled by the support I’ve received from you all but mindful of the gravity of this position, the history of this organization, and the tenacious advocacy for our community for decades. You genuinely exemplify that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

In this short time I have as President, I look forward to listening and learning more from you.  As we move forward in the attempt to move back to normalcy post-pandemic, I hope Faith Action can remain attuned to our dynamic social and political climate and the needs of our communities while still staying true to our core values.  The public is seeking a moral voice of our time’s challenges.  I know we can be that moral voice.  We have been that voice before, and today, we can still be that voice.

Let’s get to work.

In solidarity,
Danicole Ramos



Hope to see you all at the Delegated Council meeting, this Wed., 600-7:30 PM.
The  link is  Leadership has sent out several announcements.

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