Faith Action News for May 21-22 - Archived

Supplication for Peace, Rescue, and Justice

This week, the Faith Action Communications Committee shares with you, a space for contemplation and prayer amidst the brokenness and turmoil we have seen in our world this week. We offer this supplication from Laudato Si.

  Fill Us with Your Peace

Fill us with your peace that we may live
As brothers and as sisters, harming no one.

Empower us to rescue
The abandoned and forgotten,
Precious in your eyes, God of the poor.

Touch those whose hearts only look for gain,
Careless of the poor and of our planet.

Teach us to discover
How deeply we’re united
As we journey towards your light together.

Thank you for your presence every day.
Give us courage in our daily struggle.

May we work for justice.
May we work for love.
May we all be instruments of peace.

– –from Piloting Faith:  Lyrics adapted from Pope Francis’ prayer, Laudato Si)

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