Faith Action Message for May 7-8 - Archived

photo of Ashleigh LoaCongratulations to Ashleigh Loa, Executive Director of Faith Action.  Ashleigh has been selected as one of 35 members (and 1 of only 2 from Hawaii) in the 2022 Leaders Asia-Pacific Program organized by the Obama Foundation.

Initiated in 2019, this leadership development and community engagement program seeks to inspire, empower and connect emerging leaders in their communities. Other regions with this program include Africa (2018) and Europe(2020).  Participants engage in values-based leadership discussions, skill-building for social change and hands-on workshops.

Someone who knows of Faith Action sent Asleigh an application and suggested she apply.  Ashleigh filled out the online application and was contacted by the Obama Foundation for an interview. About a month later, she was notified of her selection.  Ashleigh said: “I honestly still can’t believe I’ve been chosen.  Our cohort is jam-packed with awesome people who are creating positive social change in their communities.”

Faith Action is proud of Ashleigh and we look forward to the great work she and our members will accomplish together to bring needed social change in Hawaii as a result of this year-long effort.

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