Faith Action Message for March 5-6 - Archived

Take the Red Hill Pledge; Spread the Word

By Kiki Mills, FA staff

Faith Action has committed our support of The Red Hill Pledge:  

“Without reservations, I will support legislation this year to permanently shut down the Navy’s Red Hill underground storage tank facility.”

Just 100 feet above the aquifer that serves as Oahu’s principal source of drinking water sits the U.S. Navy’s 80-year-old bulk fuel storage facility.  The facility’s twenty steel-lined tanks have the capacity to store 250 million gallons of fuel, making it the largest fuel storage facility in the United States.  Since 1943, more than 180,000 gallons of fuel have leaked from these fuel tanks.  This includes the release of 27,000 gallons in 2014 and up to 19,000 gallons in 2021.

Take the Red Hill Pledge.  Contact family, friends, representatives and community groups in Hawaii and ask them to support the Red Hill Pledge at  This will help show decision-makers in D.C. that the people of Hawaii are demanding that Red Hill be defueled and shut down permanently.

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