Faith Action Message for March 12-13 - Archived

This week, Faith Action introduces the newest staff member, Soon Kim.  Soon joins three other bright, talented women who comprise the Faith Action Staff:  Executive Director Ashleigh Loa and organizers Cassie Chee and Kiki Mills.  Info about all staff is at:

Soon Kim, Organizer

E komo mai, Soon!

Soon (she/her) is a new organizer at Faith Action Hawai’i and a full-time student majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Pre-Law. Her parents are from Hanguk (Korea), and her ancestry can be traced to the Kaya Confederacy and the Silla Kingdom.

“There are three principles that have kept me grounded during my years of organizing: 1) Autonomy first, always; 2) Seeing the value in others, even if they’re not of service to you; and 3) Building qualitative relationships– that’s mutual aid.”

Soon organizes for two Faith Action task forces, HousingNOW and the Transformative Justice Taskforce.

When Soon isn’t working, she enjoys eating. “My favorite food is soup. It makes me feel elated and connected. These recipes were born out of survival, struggle, and solidarity. One ingredient alone does not make a meal, but when people gather and contribute to the pot, it adds flavor and feeds tenfold.”

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