Faith Action Message for December 25-26 - Archived

Faith Action’s Priorities for Legislative Session 2022 

By Ashleigh Loa, FA Executive Director 

In preparation for the 2022 Legislative Session, the Faith Action Steering Committee met via Zoom in September and decided on Faith Action’s priority legislative issues:

  1. HousingNow!  
  2. Transformative Justice
  3. Environmental Justice

The committee based its decision on a process that included:

  1. An electronic survey of FA members on their issue preferences
  2. Proposals presented by task force chairs that explain the importance of their issues. 
  3. Steering Committee discussion and deliberation.  Note: The Steering Committee’s decision affirmed the survey results.  

Being clear about FA priorities during the legislative session will help focus our energy and strength for a more significant impact. This means legislation related to our #1 priority, HousingNOW!, will be our principal focus. We will send our members alerts for testimonies, phone calls, visits, rallies when necessary.  However, if our HousingNOW! issues/bill(s) die, we then move on to issues/bills promoted by our Transformative Justice taskforce, followed by our Environmental Justice task force. 

The task forces continue to work diligently on developing and promoting their issues regardless of their priority standing.  

To honor our task force members’ hard work, we hope that our new organizing approach provides an avenue to develop grassroots leaders while including a safe space for us to live out our faith in action.  We humbly ask for your grace during this iterative process. 

We rely on a community organizing model based on relationship building, shared values, and collective action.  We thank our Steering Committee unit representatives, who are essential to developing this model. Let’s get to work!

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