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Faith Action 2022 Investment Drive at Midpoint

Faith Action for Community Equity is a 501(c)3 non-profit currently comprised of 16 Oahu interdenominational Christian churches and two community groups   Annually, members are asked to “invest” in Faith Action’s work through donations of any amount. 

Since 1995, Faith Action has focused on addressing the systemic inequities that affect our neighbors. Faith Action works with community groups, neighborhood boards, the city council, and the state legislature.  We write, speak, and stand up to make the voice of faith heard by decisionmakers. 

Examples of needs we have worked on: 

  • Met decades ago:
    1. Bus shelters were built. 
    2. Kalihi Valley residents got safe sidewalks for their neighborhood. 
    3. Long-neglected Kalihi Valley Housing was renovated.  
    4. Kukui Gardens apartments were saved for low income renters.
  • Needs partially met:  
    1. In 2018, the legislature established modest financial support to assist family members caring for Kupuna from low to moderate income families.  
    2. Also in 2018, the “Bob Nakata Act” significantly increased funds available to help make housing rentals more affordable.
    3. This legislative session, minimum wage for Hawaii’s workers was moved an inch closer to a living wage.
  • Still out of reach:
    1. Truly affordable housing for working families that make $80,000 or less a year.  Studies indicate 30% of our homeless are working families. 
  • Imminent needs
    1. We are visible in protecting Oahu’s endangered drinking water, vital to all life. 

For a more complete review of the work of Faith Action, visit

Ways to Invest:

  1. Cash or check payable to “Faith Action for Community Equity.” Give to your unit representative or mail to Faith Action for Community Equity, PO Box 235950, Honolulu, HI 96823
  2. Online at


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