Faith Action Message for April 23-24 - Archived

The advocacy issue identified as most important for Faith Action during this legislative session is cash bail.

Students at U.H. Manoa have created a petition in support of HB1567, cash bail reform that reads: Hawai‘i’s cash bail system allows defendants with means to buy themselves out of pre-trial detention and condemns indigent defendants to jail solely because they lack access to money. Cash bail undermines public safety, contributes to jail overcrowding, wastes taxpayer resources, exacerbates economic and racial inequality, and inflicts punishment on poor people who have not been convicted of a crime.  I support reforms to move away from cash bail in Hawai‘i as we devise a more fair and effective pre-trial justice system for all. Please support HB1567.

You can sign on in support of this message by going to:

Link to petition:

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