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Previous messages from Faith Action have reviewed the wide variety of accomplishments for this year, despite limits imposed by CoVid19 (Aug 29-30).  One other recent message (Sept 5-6) announced our annual investment drive.  Now the drive begins, running from September 19–October 31!

Each year, Faith Action derives its support from four main sources of funds: dues paid by member units (9%), grants (49%), corporate investments (33%), and personal investments (9%).  This drive is about the personal investments.

Whether directly or indirectly, your life has been touched this year by at least one of the priorities of Faith Action: directing federal CARE funds; assembling PPE equipment; advocating for affordable housing, long-term care, and a living wage; initiating an Environmental Justice Task Force; or promoting participation in the 2020 census.  Now comes your opportunity to invest in Faith Action, so that our efforts can continue.

You can invest in any of three ways between now and October 31:

1. by personal check mailed to: Faith Action for Community Equity
PO Box 235950
Honolulu, HI  96823
2. by personal check given to the Steering Committee member from your unit:
Catherine Graham
1904 Skyline Dr., Honolulu, HI  96817
3. by credit card or PayPal at our fundraising page:  Click on “donate” and follow the instructions.  Identifying your unit or a team member is optional.

Faith Action is a 501c3 organization and your investment is tax deductible.  All investors will receive receipts.  Thanks in advance for whatever support you can offer.

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