Faith Action for Community Equity Talk Story Pizza Party

This is what I have to tell you:

We had a wonderful group of around twenty five friendly happy pizza eating people together at the church Friday night. We had such a great time breaking into two’s and talking about ourselves, how our lives brought us to who we are, and what we see as problems that we’d like to fix. In fact we had such a good time that Christie MacPhearson from Faith Action could hardly get us back to the table to talk about what we learned. When we settled down and started our list, we got so involved that even though we’d set time limits, we finally had to just stop (bomp!) talking and finish up Molly’s delicious cookies.

But what made the evening so great besides all that is that people stayed and folded the tables, picked up the table cloths, took out the trash, and put the chairs back in their right places in about half the time I’d expected.

This is the second big party we’ve had where everyone’s invited and many people came and and and people stayed to clean up. Nobody got the job dumped on them. The whole evening was part of the party. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are family!!!!

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