Faith Action Annual Investment Drive - Archived

Hello Supporters of Faith Action for Community Equity!

Faith Action has been busier than ever so far in 2020.  Despite the pandemic, the Faith Action staff, interns and volunteers have been “zooming” like crazy, giving testimony online and just generally doing great things.  Some of Faith Action’s efforts this year have been focused on:

  • Hosting a Mayoral Assembly
  • Raising the minimum wage
  • Affordable housing
  • Kupuna Caregivers Program
  • Reforming Real Estate Tax requirements
  • The 2020 Census
  • Directing Federal CARE funding
  • Assembling PPE for healthcare workers
  • Initiating an Environmental Justice task force

Right now, we are preparing to launch our Faith Action Unit Investment Drive.  While these are economically difficult times for many, the work that Faith Action is doing is more important than ever to make sure that our Community comes through these hard times with improved priorities, more clearly defined and relevant goals and a more just, peaceful and verdant Hawaii.

We call it an “Investment Drive” because, while we are a 501c organization (i.e., tax-deductible), funds given to Faith Action are in investment in a better future.  

The Unit Investment Drive will formally begin on September 19th and run up to Halloween.  You will receive more information, including how to make investments, as the Investment Drive gears up.

We hope you will join us in investing in Faith Action to support our efforts to improve the quality of life here on Hawaii for ourselves and to be a voice for those who have a hard time being heard.

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