Faith Action: Affordable Housing Summit

Honolulu has a housing crisis! (not news).  Faith Action for Community Equity is addressing this issue.

Come learn.  Come get angry.  Come get involved.


  • Sat. Sept 21            8:30am – 2pm
  • UH Art Auditorium

 FREE (but please RSVP so we’ll have enough lunches)

 Get involved with our Honolulu Housing Issues.  Come learn some of the ins and outs, barriers to building, excuses that are given for why we don’t have enough housing for all our residents.  People live in tents on the streets because we have no apartments for them to live in instead.

 Panel Discussions

  • A Master Plan for Housing
  • How to Finance Housing
  • How to get to 17,000 new units by 2026

Mark your calendar and make it a priority to attend!  Knowledge is a powerful tool when we use it well and use it for the good.

See Church bulletin board for flyers and more info or talk to Catherine Graham at


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