Hawai’i Justice Coalition Community Meeting (Sanctuary) (set up from 4:30pm)

Date(s) - 01/03/2018
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


In Hawai’i, we have a golden opportunity to support “programs not prisons” as the millions that Gov. Ige wants to spend on building a new jail (~OCCC, the Oahu Community Correctional Center) can be re-directed into programs that heal instead of harm (research shows these are more cost-effective in reducing crime). Please join us Wednesday, January 3rd, to learn more about alternatives to incarceration & how we can advocate for them at this pivotal time. ~This will be over the dinner hour, 6 to 8 on Wednesday, & there will be food provided.

The Public Safety Department has published their Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on site-selection for the new jail, and has invited public comment for 60 days. We will be facilitating everyone’s comments at this community meeting, and we recommend that everyone’s comments be in the form of questions (as questions are required to be answered & published). The deadline is Monday January 8, 2018, and the comments must be sent to ether DAGS, the Office of the Governor, or PBR Hawai’i. 

The voice of we-the-people is crucial in planning how Hawai`i will approach criminal justice issues for the next century.  What is our vision for a safe, peaceful and just future?  How can we help insure that planning is open, transparent, and inclusive? This is a great opportunity to put our values into practice. We are Hawai`i ~we care for and about each other.  Together, we can & will create positive change, & now is the time.

For more information, please text Ka’imi Nicholson, 372-2082. Mahalo!

(Note: Early set-up from 5pm.)

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