Event Announcement: Investing In Women: A Virtual Celebration, HAPPENING MARCH 5 & MARCH 7 - Archived

We’re so excited to tell you about this amazing event we have coming up in the next week! UUWF is all about collaboration and we are getting together with the International Convocation of Unitarian Universalist Women (ICUUW) to host an INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY VIRTUAL CELEBRATION.


Celebrate International Women’s Day with UUWF and ICUUW!

This year, we are uplifting the United Nations’ International Women’s Day proposal. We will offer our online communities a vibrant program filled with song, spoken word, calls to action, and community grounding. We will up be uplifting these five goals:

  • Investing in women, a human rights issue: Time is running out. Gender equality is the greatest human rights challenge, benefiting everyone.
  • Ending poverty: Due to the COVID pandemic and conflicts, 75 million more people have fallen into severe poverty since 2020. Immediate action is crucial to prevent over 342 million women and girls living in poverty by 2030.
  • Implementing gender-responsive financing: Conflicts and rising prices may lead 75% of countries to cut public spending by 2025, negatively impacting women and their essential services.
  • Shifting to a green economy and care society: The current economic system disproportionately affects women. Advocates propose a shift to a green economy and care society to amplify women’s voices.
  • Supporting feminist change-makers: Despite leading efforts, feminist organizations receive only 0.13% of official development assistance.

We invite you to join us for one or both gatherings. Interested in sponsoring our program? We have a variety of opportunities available:

Individual sponsorship entails a financial contribution from any individual who wants to support the day. The sponsor would be mentioned in our next newsletter and receive a personal thank you note, as well as a general “Shout Out” during the event (“We have so many individual sponsors on the call!  If you’re an individual sponsor, give us a wave or a thumbs up emoji! Thank you so much for making this event possible”)

Organizational sponsorship entails a financial contribution of $200 from groups who want to support the day. Organizational sponsors would have their logo on all the promotional materials and on social media, and would be mentioned and thanked by name at the start of the event(s) with a similar sentiment described above.

Congregational sponsors could donate from a “Share the Plate” invitation to their congregants.  

The best news is that you will have 2 chances to join us, making this event as accessible as possible. You can let us know when you register which event (or both!) you’ll be able to attend.

You are invited to the following event:

Investing In Women: A Virtual Celebration

When: March 5 @11am ET & March 7 @ 730pm ET
Where: via Zoom

We can’t wait to see you,
UU Women’s Federation