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While Rev. Mykal was with us this past summer he noticed a parent leaving with her child at the beginning of the service and wondered why.  Wonder is an amazing thing.  It turns out the music is generally too loud for the kiddo, so they step out for that part.  It didn‘t feel right that someone had to leave the group to meet their needs, so we have a solution—ear muffs!  Well, technically hearing protectors.  They look like headphones, but are used to muffle loud sounds.

We have purchased three pairs of ear muffs, one child size and two adult and they are available for use.  We are happy to get more if needed, so do let us know if you like this idea and will be using them.  You will find them at the Greeter‘s Table in the entry along with the hearing assist devices.  You may pick them up on your way in and drop them off on your way out so they can be cleaned and ready for the following week.

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  1. I used to come early to service on Sunday, so that I could listen to them rehearse. They are so good.

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