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A Struggle For Summer: To Turn the World Around

We seem to be trapped in one season. Winter seems to be clinging to us. It’s a little warmer now. It feels like spring/summer, but it’s cooler than it should be. We work hard to adjust to the strangeness of the seasons using layers of clothing, or carrying an extra coat, or sweater. In the state of PA along the coast, where it never happens, we have had tornadoes and constantly have tornado warnings. We have to struggle to adjust to the changes that have happened because of global warming. The troubling part is that the seasons we struggle through in the external world are somewhat like the ones we deal with in our internal world. Painful occurrences happen in our lives.

There is darkness, discomfort, and freezing temperatures. We struggle against them either in the midst of them or as memories stamped somewhere deep in the recesses of our minds that affect us in ways we can’t understand. When it feels like we are getting over them and letting them go they come back, like angry animals just giving it one more try. The madness in the culture around us reminds us of past unresolved issues to the point where resisting the negativity becomes tiring and draining.

If not careful we can see this as a sign of failure. We can become afraid and worse, we can give up and fall into a well of depression and it is almost impossible to climb out. In truth this discomfort is not something bad, it is a sign of spring followed by a brilliant summer of growth and prosperity. This struggle, this internal discomfort is what is related to what is known as the process of extinction. When an animal learns to carry out an action to get a certain reward, if the reward is positive, it is likely to do the action more and more until it becomes a habit. When the reward is stopped the animal does the action expecting the reward. If it doesn’t get it, it does the action repeatedly and more violently seeking the reward.

Eventually, the animal stops doing the action, but every once in a while for most of its life that action will pop up randomly. We can actually modify ourselves to feel pleasant, or normal when certain thoughts or feelings arise. If a thought serves a purpose or did when we were younger, we repeat the same thought over and over. It may be repeated in different words, but the same content comes up over and over and makes us feel comfortable.

There’s a part of the mind called the censor, that freezes our thinking at a certain period in our lives and creates a foundation for our thoughts. When we begin to move out of old thoughts, whether they are good or bad, it sends out discomfort that keeps us caged and trapped in living patterns that don’t suit us anymore sometimes, and may ultimately be harmful.

When we move beyond these patterns, the memories and feelings of painful experiences increase and become more frequent. Our minds are actually going through the process of extinction and are dumping those old thoughts and feelings faster and harder, trying to get the response they did before, which is homeostasis. The extra force then is not a sign that we are not free, it is a sign that we are becoming free and the censor is letting go. “What are you saying?” you may ask. I am saying that discomfort is not a sign of failure, it is a sign of success and personal growth.

As we learn to sit quietly, or meditate, or to even find ways of enjoying ourselves in the midst of these negative feelings they completely disappear. We replace them with the positive and we are free. It is like winter turning to spring and then summer. It always has and always will. We, if we are thoughtful, mindful, and able to use our wills and creative imagination, can turn around the pain and suffering and can be free. Mainly because the most unique thing about human beings is our power to create.

We are beings who can envision something in our heads, think about it, and create it. When we are aware of the truth and have the faith to do so, we can recreate and draw the power of the negative way turning it into something more powerful. That is the power of the human being…the original blessing. Sometimes just knowing the possibility is more than 90% of the victory and awareness…pure awareness of who we are and what is coming up, is the other 10%.

It is time for us to reclaim our power. It is time to learn to sing, dance, take back our control and our right to practice various arts, and most of all, our power to love with power and compassion. Our power to create a true community where love is the norm and where we create the fertile ground that we need in order to become healthy, beautiful human beings again. That is the way we were born. When we break the conditioning that comes from living in a society that promotes winter, we will return to our original selves with the power to move in time and space and be free.

At CUUPs National, we will be scheduling a Zoom meeting in July where we will talk and process our feelings about the effects of the Covid-19 experience and how to let go and move forward. We will announce the date in our next newsletter. Until then?

Take advantage of your CUUPS chapter and your congregation. Ministers are available for crisis counseling to every member of a congregation and you can get in contact with CUUPS Right Relations for crisis counseling. Work with those who want to create a real community that promotes loving kindness and caring for each other as much as the ritual of meeting every so often for a service.

We need real communities where we can share ourselves and know that we will be accepted. Work to create that wherever you go so your world will be a reflection of the desire at the core of humans who are not tainted by the ideology of 2022. That will turn the world around.

Om Prakash
CUUPS Right Relations

CUUPs Programs for General Assembly 2022

Circle of Sacred Sound and Song (On-Demand)
Come create a sacred space online to explore and sing under the guidance of pagan musician Abigail Spinner McBride and moderated by CUUPS Board Member Cat Rigby. Our voices will open to sounds we didn’t know we could make in celebration of the summer. Beginner friendly. No singing experience is required.
Summer Solstice Celebration (On-Demand)
Through songs, poems, and more, the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans celebrates the longest day of the year. This sacred gathering reminds us of our connection to the natural world and to each other. Come add your light to the celebration!
Virtual Bonfire and Bardic Circle (June 25, 2022)
Join us over Zoom on Saturday, June 25, 2022, at 7 PM Pacific for the virtual Bonfire — a “bardic circle lite” online experience. Bring your humor, laughter, poems, stories, and songs to share. Remember to enter the raffle before 6 PM that day since we will announce the winners at the virtual bonfire!
Virtual Exhibit Booth (June 22-26, 2022)
Visit the CUUPS Virtual Exhibit Booth for our Membership Raffle, the “Listening Corner” where you can sample more of Abigail’s music, and more info about our GA events!

Notice of 2022 Annual Meeting

The annual members’ meeting for Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans will be held on Saturday, July 23, 2022 over Zoom.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Email for more information.
The Lion’s Dove
From the cracks of a paved jungle grew,
A lions head of yellow,
No softer of a dove cry than this sight in my eyes.
For hope comes not to those in silver gowns or golden chariots,
And to those of spoons and crowns,
But to those that lie bleeding on the ground
And from the cracks of ruins,
the hearts of the Phoenix from ash do raise.
For the sun will not
No longer a flower as much as a dove cry, for the lions heart from ruin am I.
By Griffin Ross
“Pagan & Earth-Centered Voices in Unitarian Universalism”
Book Group
Join us for our monthly book group on 3rd Sundays at 7 PM EST for a series of 6 sessions! Once you register you can come to all classes or just “drop-in” on the topics you like.
Register at
You can buy your copy of “Pagan and Earth-Centered Voices in Unitarian Universalism” at the UUA Bookstore or set Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Inc as your charity when you shop through the Amazon Smile portal. 
We gather next on 7 PM EST on Sunday June 19, 2022 for
  • “Drumbeats in the Sanctuary” by Carole Etzler Eagleheart pg 181
  • “Earth Song: Pagan Chants in UU Churches” by Nancy Vedder-Schults pg 201
For more info email
Send Your August Worship Dates!
Is your CUUPs chapter having a Lughnasadh, Lammas, Wep Ronpet, or other celebration around August 1st? Or a lunar celebration around August 12th?
Please email with your chapter name, time zone, time and date of your event, and a short description of your ritual to be added to the upcoming CUUPs Worship List.
2nd Saturdays: End of Year Celebration
Did you miss the May gathering? We shared how Beltane went, ideas for Midsummer, did some deep listening/support time for chapter leaders struggling with pandemic and other issues, and took a look at the guide for “New UU Pagan Study Group Checklist” and how to use it in a 2nd Special Meeting for deciding “Nuts and Bolts.” That doc is here.
The full slide deck is available here.
We take a break in June for rest and for attending General Assembly.
We return on July 9, 2022 at 7 PM EDT and gather over Zoom to celebrate the end of the church year! We will screen the CUUPs GA Summer Solstice celebration and gauge interest in rebooting the “online chapter” for CUUPs National individual members that may or may not also have a local chapter at their UU congregation.
Click here to register If you can’t make it in July but are interested in a digital chapter, please email
Newsletter Submissions Deadline
The CUUPS newsletter works to publish four to six times in 2022. Please email your submissions to for consideration by the next deadline of July 7, 2022 for the the August issue.
Join the CUUPS Board
  • Strongly identify as UU Pagan
  • A current paid member of CUUPS at the national level
  • In right relations with your own congregation
  • Familiarity with Zoom video conference or willingness to learn
  • Comfortable with Google Tools, or willing to learn
  • Experience serving on a “working board” like a UU church board or local community non-profit board is welcome but not required.
  • Has references to support their work
  • Young Adults welcome
  • A willingness to work in a team environment
Contact with information about yourself for us to pass on to the Nominating Committee!
Membership Renewal
Go to and click on the blue button in the top right corner. Enter your email you registered with and your password. You will go to your account. If you have trouble write us at or for support!
Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, Inc.
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