Archived: Congregational Meeting April 8. Vote

Decisions Together.  WE NEED ALL MEMBERS TO VOTE!

At the March 11 church meeting 12-2, we will hopefully have come to consensus on our building and our sustainable future.

We will vote on April 8.  Absentee ballots will be available from any board member.

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  1. Clarifying inaccurate statements made at the last Decisions Together meeting. Items mentioned as reasons fro selling the building: Rain gutter drains inside the walls. While this is true Pierre Kleiber and I affected the pipe replacement for under $200. Beth Ruse and Al Rowland helped me with repainting the water Damage to the sanctuary ceiling that was associated with it. The Fred Harper Room door difficulty in opening – All new hardware installed and it opens with 2 fingers worth of pull. Materials to do it cost under $400 and Jim Skouge, Pierre Kleiber, and I did the work. A Sof Ma’arav member contributed $1000 to make it happen. Leaving the church a net gain for our 4 days labor. “Smoke from the electric panel in the basement twice” Simply not true. The smoke came from a roomex wire I accidently hit with a drill bit when I was installing the new plumbing line for the garbage disposal. A licensed electrician was on hand and advised me to reset the breaker and see if it worked. I did It did. Later while I was on the mainland it did short out and the wire was replaced. The building wiring is sound. Please consider these points when deciding about the building.

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