Congregational Annual Meeting: Slate - Archived

Mahalo to the Nomination Committee and all those who accepted to serve in a leadership role.


2019-2020 BALLOT

The Nominating Committee is pleased to present the following slate of nominees:

Board of Directors:

President: Carla Allison

Vice President: Jim Cooper

Director: Rachel Compton

Social Justice Council:

Jackie Burke

Mike Compton

Hillary Parkinson

Allison Jacobs (nominated for second term)

Endowment Funds Committee

Carol Amos

Nominating Committee

Theresa Moorleghen

Bill Scarvie

Continuing Members of the Board of Directors include:

Secretary: Laurel Zeri

Treasurer: Mike Mottl

Directors:  Allison Jacobs

                 Troy Underbrink

Continuing Members of the Social Justice Council Include:

Hilka Easterwood

Raelyn Yeomans

Continuing Members of the Endowment Funds Committee include:

Theresa Moorleghen

Betsy Brandt

Continuing Nominating Committee members include:

Leeanne Macintire

Laura Goemans

Hilkka Easterwood

Eleanor Kleiber

Respectfully Submitted,

Janice Davis,

Nominating Committee Chair

Respectfully submitted

Janice Davis, Chair