Congregational Annual Meeting May 19, Agenda - Archived

Proposed Agenda for Annual Meeting May 19, 2019

11:45  Opening Words   Rev. T. J. FitzGerald

  •   Establishment of Quorum                               Nancy Schildt, Outgoing President
  •   Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes of Annual Meeting, May 2018
  • Addition to Section on our Covenant of Right Relations on acknowledging the good intentions of others.  Addition will be related to not offering this as an excuse for behavior and listening to those offended or hurt.                                    Adore Team
  • Acknowledgment and Mahalo to Outgoing elected members of teams and Voting for new team slates.                                                             Nominating Committee
  • Acknowledgment and Mahalo to all those who helped with renovations to building.
  • Proposal to move two Restricted Funds from our Mission Funds (UU Growth Initiative Fund, $13,964.90 and Leeward Ohana Fund, $1481.49) to our Long Term Capital Improvement Equity Fund to offset the overages of the congregational approved $100,000 for renovations.                       
  • Annual Budget Proposal (There will be no line item changes, we accept the balanced budget as proposed by the Board or reject it)           Mike Mottl, Treasurer
  • Closing Words and Call to Adjourn

If you have any Questions, Contact Nancy Schildt, Board President