Concert by Rev. T. J. and DeReau Farrar, Chocolate tasting, meditation walk

What do these items have in common?  These three items were auctioned at our spring fundraiser.  Limited Space is still available.  You may still purchase them!!!  See Catherine Graham to purchase 808 741-4317


Sept. 15.  Dark Chocolate Tasting.  Chocolate has more complex flavors than Wine.  Experience!  After church at 11:30. In Study. With Nancy S.  Asking $15-$25 donation to church.

Sept. 27.  Guided Meditation Walk (Forest Bathing) at Lyon Arboretum 10 am-12pm.  Asking $15-$25 to church.  May also donate $10 to Lyon Arboretum.  With Nancy S.

Oct. 20.  Our own talented minister will give a Sunset ocean concert with his collaborator and friend, DeReau Farrar, Director of Music at First Unitarian Church of Portland at Pokai Bay on Oct. 20, 5-8 p.m. Beautiful balcony view at the Carpenter’s residence in Wai’anae.  Limited Seating 10 of 30 tickets available.  Asking $40-$100 donation to church.

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