Committing ourselves to calling our minister

Calling a minister to enter into a true partnership with a church is not a decision to be taken lightly.  Do most church members and the minister have similar goals and needs?  How do we determine this.  There are UUA guidelines for calling a contracted minister.  Rev. T.J. FitzGerald has been our minister under contract.  T.J. has expressed an interest in exploring seriously being called to our church.  The congregation needs to select 7 members to represent us and set up meetings and possibly do some surveys to help T.J. and the members of FUCH set priorities for our future.  The Future Shapers Report is one document we can turn to, but there are other specific questions to ask and new members who need to be invited to the table.

Please see a Board member if you are interested in being on this important team that determines our future.

Nancy Schildt, President

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