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Stronger Together
In celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day tomorrow, Shop YWCA is featuring three local, women-founded businesses and their products available for sale at ShopYWCA.com.
All three women are YWCA O‘ahu program graduates, and each has a story that showcases their intent for creating products that align with their passions and serve our community.
Shopping for Change
You can shop for these or other featured products from YWCA O‘ahu program graduates, local small businesses, and collaborating artists on our platform.
Proceeds directly support YWCA Oahu’s programming in women’s economic advancement, business & leadership development, and health & wellness.
To learn more about how your shopping is making a difference, visit our social impact page.
Total number of businesses
created in 2021
9 WOSB/WBE Certifications secured
Counselling hours to recovering businesses due to COVID
Trained clients at more than 100 events
Total amount from 49 Capital Infusion Transactions gained by our clients
50 contracts secured for WOSB
A Story in Every Item—
Meet Lindsey, Brittnee, and Nakula
Lindsey Burik, Tradition Coffee Roasters
Lindsey Burik and her husband Brian brought Tradition Coffee Roasters to life in Kailua motivated by a desire to preserve a tradition and how a simple cup of coffee brings people together. Their shop offers tours and classes, such as roasting, brewing, and even coffee painting.
The company also chooses to work with local farmers through fair trade and choose vendors that match their sustainable practices and organic choices.
Lindsey shares that while some take their coffee for granted because of its accessibility today, those who know and appreciate the craft understand the intention in every sip.
We encourage coffee lovers to support Tradition Coffee Roasters by purchasing the Exclusive Gift Box Set.
Brittnee Lau, Treehouse Teas
Brittnee Lau was in law school when she decided law wasn’t fun for her anymore. Instead, she pursued a curiosity to follow her passion for tea.
Her company Treehouse Teas sells 100% Hawaii Grown Teas & Botanicals and claims they have the “purest teas you will find from any purveyor in the Hawaiian Islands.” Brittnee, a certified tea sommelier, works with a collective of small farmers across the state – a listing you can find on her website thetreehouseteahouse.com.
Stories like Brittnee’s are not unique. Many empowered business owners have also taken the leap to follow their passion. When asked if she had any advice for those wanting to start a business, she had two words – “just start.”
Savor your next cup of tea with this Exclusive Tea Sample Set.
Nakula Tibby,
Puna Noni Naturals
Nakula Tibby of Puna Noni Naturals is one of the pillars of their family-owned business, which her dad started in 1999 as an alternative medication to high blood pressure. Their company’s story serves as the foundation for years of operation and service to thousands of clients that adore their product.
In addition to noni juice, the company also offers noni oil in all other body care products that are free of preservatives and chemicals.
The past few years have been challenging for the family business. The volcanic eruptions have affected crop production, which had effects on the supply chain. Even shipping prices and service times have recently changed, she said.
But the family’s resolve to continue providing customers with natural solutions for wellness continues, and more success is on the horizon after overcoming adversity.
Purchase this Body Care Gift & Travel Set for yourself or someone you love.
Donor Spotlight
Maya Soetoro-Ng donated a red tunic she wore to the White House when her brother (President Obama) was inaugurated to the Senate in 2005.
“I am a contributor to projects and programs that promote peace and justice, nourish navigational leadership, and uplift women and girls.” —Maya Soetoro-Ng
Celebrate women this month and all year long with Shop YWCA.
Mahalo for helping us make a difference—one sale at a time.

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