Ministerial Transition Small Group Meeting ~ Sunday, 10/21 at 11:30am (MR#1) - Archived

Ministerial Transition Small Group Meeting on Sunday, October 21st at 11:30am in Meeting Room #1 (upstairs).

Small group meetings are an important element of the decision process to call Rev. T. J. to be our settled minister. Many members have already had an opportunity to reflect on 5 questions relating to our church community and Rev. T. J.’s role as minister. This has happened through Chalice Circles. We want everyone’s voice to be heard in this process!

The Ministerial Transition Task Force will facilitate a small group meeting for the purpose of gaining feedback from members who weren’t able to share at a Chalice Circle session.

Please come to Meeting Room #1 (upstairs)  on Sunday, 10/21 at 11:30am to participate in this important process!

If you’re not able to join us, please use the link below to share thoughts and feelings in writing:


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  1. My husband Arn Lisnoff and I are committed, caring members of FUCH, although we are only part time residents of O’ahu. We are both very much in favor of calling Rev. TJ as the minister for our church community. We believe he has brought a consistent voice of leadership, spiritual direction, and community commitment much needed by the church on an ongoing basis. While the church has found internal leadership since Jonipher’s departure, TJ’s direction and spirit arrived at an opportune time to save the church community from dissolution into factions that could easily have carried the church into self-destruction. We both favor calling TJ as the minister.

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