By-laws Amendment to be voted on

By-laws amendment to be voted on RE:  The Nominating committee
Sunday, May 28 – After the Church Service

Please attend this hopefully short meeting to vote on an amendment to our Church’s By-laws re: The Nominating Committee

Our current by-laws require that the Nominating Committee be made up of 6 members, two to be elected every year for 3 year terms.  See below for the text of the By-laws.  The current  Nominating Committee recommends a change in the by-laws to reduce the number of members to only 3, one to be elected every year for a 3 year term.

Your Nominating committee has worked diligently this past year under very stressful circumstances to come up with a slate of stellar candidates to lead our congregation into the future. We recommend this change because our membership has dwindled since Covid and there are fewer candidates for positions.

The current by-laws read: 

 1There shall be a Nominating Committee of six  (three) Each member shall serve a three-year term, beginning July 1 of the year in which elected. Vacancies in the term of any Committee member shall be filled by the Board for the balance of the unexpired term.

2) The Committee shall hold an organizational meeting no later than September 15th of each year at which it shall choose a Chair and whose name shall be submitted to the Board.

3) No person may serve two consecutive three-year terms.

4) The Committee shall prepare a ballot for each election including at least one nominee for each office and position to be filled. Additional nominations may be made from the floor. All nominations must be made with the consent of the nominee.

5) The Committee’s ballot shall be presented to the Secretary and mailed to all Church members or published in the Church Newsletter not less than thirty days in advance of the Annual Meeting. All persons listed on the ballot shall be O`ahu-resident Members of the church.

6) The Committee may be called upon for suggestions in filling vacancies on the Board, or any committee(s).

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