Board Meeting in Brief – February 8, 2024 - Archived

The Board…

Approved new TENANT RULES and BUILDING USE POLICY as revised by Building Use.
Increased rental use raised issues that needed to be addressed in policy and practice.

Approved the PLAN OF ACTION FROM BUILDING USE involving swapping furniture between the formerly named Study and Nursery with some modifications as outlined.
The room closest to the sanctuary will serve a dual purpose as study and children’s RE.

Considered options to facilitate our healing as a congregation through a combination of the UUA “HOPE FOR US” program and an on island facilitator. Agreed to proceed by having a presentation for the whole congregation.
It is our hope that as many from our congregation as possible will attend.

Changed the monthly BOARD MEETING START TIME from 6:00 to 6:15pm.

Agreed to continue distributing this BOARD IN BRIEF summary as it is a useful way to keep the congregation informed.  It will be sent out in an email and posted on the Board bulletin board.
This is an effort to keep the congregation up to date in a timely manner.

Reminded ourselves of good practices regarding CONFIDENTIALITY, which include asking permission from the sender before forwarding their email (or verbal) communications.

Set the ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING for Sunday, June 23 after the service.
This is last day of General Assembly, which will be held virtually this year.

Requests committees/teams SUBMIT FUNDING NEEDS for 2024-25 by the end of February.
The Finance Committee, Minister, and Board will begin the budget process in March.

Heard the report from the DEFICIT REDUCTION TASK FORCE which recommended downsizing the minister position from full time to half time for FY 2024-2025.
For the past two years we have been running deficits of $60K-68K.

Approved the revised SHARE THE PLATE POLICY developed in collaboration with the Social Justice Council.

Learned the MINISTER’S ASSESSMENT will be completed tomorrow and reviewed next week.

Heard REPORTS from all areas of church life:

  • Current operating funds are insufficient, requiring supplementation from investments. This was anticipated and included in the 2023/24 budget and approved by the congregation.
  • Membership is keeping up with visitors and planning new member events.
  • Facilities is working with Sof Ma’arov to improve security procedures and install outdoor
  • cameras.
  • Personnel has a potential choir director and is advertising more widely for child care/RE.
  • Minister noted that attendance in January was slightly lower, averaging 45, but has returned to the previous 53. A full program of Adult RE has begun. Check it out!
  • Bridging/Transitions/Scholarships is awaiting staffing of the Endowment Committee.

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