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May 2022 Newsletter

A Special Message from Rev. Mykal Slack
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Dear BLUU Community:

I’m writing with some pretty amazing news that I want to share with all of you. I had the pleasure of being invited to serve as Summer Sabbatical Minister to the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu from July 1 to Aug. 31, a little over two months from now. This invitation came to me unexpectedly, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude, both for the congregation’s leadership for trusting in my ability to hold them during that time and for BLUU’s Organizing Collective Board of Directors for their beautiful support of me being in Hawaii for a half-time ministry opportunity. It is truly incredible that this is happening!

Please know that this DOES NOT mean that I am leaving you. It continues to give me abundant joy to serve as the Community Minister for Worship & Spiritual Care and as a member of the OCB. I was encouraged (nudged, really) by our Executive Director, Lena Katherine Gardner, to take some much-needed vacation time to support me in this endeavor, so I will be taking off the entire month of July from BLUU so I can settle in and acclimate to the role. (I usually take time off in July post-GA anyway, and we always take a month off from worship in July, so this is in keeping with our usual practice.) I will pick my BLUU responsibilities back up in August and resume my usual commitments and programming at that time. I expect to be back home on the last day of August/first day of September.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I prepare to be away from home for an extended period of time. And, as always, thank you for your support.


I love you! I love us,

Rev. Mykal

BLUU Welcomes New Staff
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We’re excited to announce a new member of our team! Please join us in welcoming Hilary Otey as our part-time Development and Administrative Coordinator.

She will focus on supporting BLUU’s fundraising efforts, specifically connecting BLUU with UU congregations committed to ongoing financial support.

Meet Hilary
May BLUU Worship
Join us for BLUU Worship. Sunday, May 8, 2022. 4 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Pacific.
We are excited to be with you for second Sunday worship. If you’ll be joining us for the very first time, we’d like to offer you a very special welcome in advance. BLUU worship is a space of healing, love, power, joy, learning, and grace. May it be yours and all of ours when we gather together.

BLUU’s online worship services are Black Sacred Space in their entirety – by and for Black people, with the words and voices of Black folks across the diaspora – and we hope that Black UUs and Black UU-adjacent folks (who share our values) from far and wide will join us!

For our non-Black siblings in faith, please DO share this invitation with Black folks in your life and community. Getting the word out about BLUU’s gatherings and other programming is one powerful way of lending your support, and we deeply appreciate it!

For all of our services, feel free to come into our BLUU Zoom Room as early as 15 minutes before the start of the service to get settled, say hello to the folks who are already gathering, and listen to the music softly playing as we all prepare for our time together.

Sign up for Worship
Now Is the Time to Center Black Feminism
Fractals: A Black Feminist Organizing and Movement Building Timeline
Black Feminist Future created “Fractals: A Black Feminist Organizing and Movement Building Timeline,” an interactive website that summarizes key people, actions, terms, social movements, and cultural events in Black feminst history.
Learn More about Fractals
Want to Volunteer with BLUU?
For the first time, we are soliciting multi-year financial pledges of support from UU congregations. We sent this request last month and need your help to follow up with congregation leaders and express your support of BLUU’s work and our request.

Our goal is to get $100,000 in pledges to close our budget deficit in the next fiscal year. We can close this gap – but only with your help!

Will you volunteer 5 hours of your time over the next 3 weeks to contact and ask UU congregational leaders to encourage their congregation to pledge their financial support to BLUU?

Once you sign up, we will be in touch with you to give you resources and to explain what’s next.


Volunteer with BLUU
Pastoral Care
Pastoral care is a model of emotional and spiritual support that can be found in all cultures and traditions. People who provide pastoral care offer support to people in their joys, sorrows, and uncertainties associated with specific life events occurring while part of the community in which pastoral caregivers serve. Spiritual care is a multi-faceted model of support in individuals’ search for meaning, purpose, wholeness, and connection in day-to-day life.
BLUU is blessed with a community filled with pastoral and spiritual leadership. Please don’t forget that the BLUU Ministerial Network has a pastoral care line available for Black folks. You can text or call 984-219-8711 to schedule a time to speak with a BLUU chaplain.
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