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BLUU Notes: An Anthology of Love, Justice, and Liberation

BLUU Notes is our first book! Your support of BLUU makes this work possible.

We’re happy to share an excerpt from BLUU Notes as a thank you to our community.

Dear Beloved:

We are grateful to be a voice for radically inclusive, unapologetically Black theology.

In our first book, BLUU Notes: An Anthology of Love, Justice, and Liberation,” we share a collection of poems, prayers, prose, and songs that reflect who we are as Black Unitarian Universalists.

We have so much more to say and share with the world. We’re working on another book as you read this email!

When you support Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism, you make art like BLUU Notes possible, and you help more of our voices as Black Unitarian Universalists get heard.

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Please enjoy this excerpt from “BLUU Notes” as a thank you for all of your support. 

By Everett Hoagland

Architect of icebergs, rainbows.
Jeweler of crystals, sand grains, snowflakes, atoms.

Mason whose tools are glaciers, rain, rivers, ocean.

Chemist who made blood
Of seawater, bone of minerals in stone, milk

Of love. Whatever

you are, I know this:
Spinner, you are everywhere, in all the ever-
changing above, whirling around us.

Yes, in the loose strands,
In the rough weave of the common

cloth threaded with our DNA on the hubbed, spoked
spinning wheel that is this world, solar system, galaxy,


Help us to see ourselves in all creation,
and all creation in ourselves, Ourselves in One Another.

Remind those of us who like connections
made with similes, metaphors, symbols,
that all of us are, everything is,
already connected.

Remind us that as the oceans go, so go we.
As the air goes, so go we.
As other life forms on Earth go, so go we.

As our planet goes, so go we. Mysterious Muse
who inspired “In the beginning was the word…,”

edit our thoughts so our ethics are our politics,
and our actions the afterlives of our words.

“BLUU Notes: An Anthology of Love, Justice, and Liberation” is our first publication with Skinner House Books. You can purchase the full anthology here.


Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism. BLUU. Illustration of raised fist attached to a lightning bolt arm.
Text: New team member. Jessa Rose. Image description: A Black woman in a floral dress smiles at the camera. She stands in front of a lot of greenery.
We’re excited to welcome our new Administrative Coordinator, Jessany (Jessa) Rose. Jessa grew up in St. Paul, Minn. and is excited to bring her experience supporting organizational infrastructure to BLUU.
Meet Jessa
Image description: Illustration of a cell phone with message bubbles coming out of it. Text description: Are you our next Daily Affirmations writer? Example affirmations include: I am free, I am whole, and I am beautiful.
Are you a Black, spiritual writer interested in sharing brief, inspirational messages with the BLUU community? You could be one of our next Daily Affirmations writers!
Write for Daily Affirmations
Image description: A Black feminine presenting person wearing a head wrap sits at a desk writing. Text description: Want to write for BLUU Box? Seeking Paid Writers.
Our digital BLUU Box is an important spiritual care resource for our community. Monthly BLUU Box subscribers receive everything from a spiritual reflection to a theme-based playlist.

We are seeking Black writers who want to be paid to contribute to the BLUU Box. We’re excited to platform new and seasoned writers with this opportunity!

Write for the BLUU Box
Text description: A season of witness. Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023. 4 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Pacific.
We are grateful to round out this season of bearing witness with our beloved friend and BLUU community member, Donte Hilliard, who will be co-leading worship with Rev. Mykal on this second Sunday of the month! Come, let us worship together!

BLUU’s online worship services are Black Sacred Space in their entirety – by and for Black people, with the words and voices of Black folks across the diaspora – and we hope that Black UUs and Black UU-adjacent folks (who share our values) from far and wide will join us!


For our non-Black siblings in faith, please DO share this invitation with Black folks in your life and community. Getting the word out about BLUU’s gatherings and other programming is one powerful way of lending your support, and we deeply appreciate it!

For all of our services, feel free to come into our BLUU Zoom Room as early as 15 minutes before the start of the service to get settled, say hello to the folks who are already gathering, and listen to the music softly playing as we all prepare for our time together

Sign up for worship here:


Sign up for Worship
Text ID: You are not alone. BLUU Pastoral care. Image description: a drawing of a person's hands clasping another person's hand.
Pastoral care is a model of emotional and spiritual support that can be found in all cultures and traditions. People who provide pastoral care offer support to people in their joys, sorrows, and uncertainties associated with specific life events occurring while part of the community in which pastoral caregivers serve. Spiritual care is a multi-faceted model of support in individuals’ search for meaning, purpose, wholeness, and connection in day-to-day life.
BLUU is blessed with a community filled with pastoral and spiritual leadership. Please don’t forget that the BLUU Ministerial Network has a pastoral care line available for Black folks. You can text or call 984-219-8711 to schedule a time to speak with a BLUU chaplain.
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