Moms are welcome to bring their children!

Arrive any time after 9 am at the Carpenter Hale and park across the street from the house on the makai side of Pokai Bay St with car nose pointing towards ocean to maximize parking.  Please stop in to say hi, use the lua, and drop off anything you don’t want to take to the beach with you.  The swim beach is just a quick walk from our house.  Pokai Bay is considered one of the safest family beaches on Oahu. The waters are calm due to a breakwater, and great for lazing with your noodle, snorkeling, and paddle boarding. We will have three paddle boards available at the beach to try out.  Bring sunscreen, towels, beachmats, hats, and bottled water.  Pokai Bay can be hot.

Lunch will be served noonish back at the Hale consisting of sandwiches, carrot sticks and celery, with fruit.  Ice water will be provided.  Bring your own snacks.  Right after lunch we’ll have a get-to-know-you circle.  After that you can head back to the beach, or to town if you’re already worn out.  Whatever floats your boat!

Please RSVP by Thursday, April 11, to get a head count for lunch.

Sue Yamane-Carpenter, 86-012 Pokai Bay Street, Waianae, (808) 258-8968, syamanecarpenter@gmail.com