A Gentle Reminder about Our Antiracism and Democracy Online Learning Circles - Archived

Dear UU Sisters and Brothers in Faith and Justice,

Thank you again for including information about First Unitarian (Portland, Oregon) Church’s ANTIRACISM LEARNING CIRCLES in your newsletters and announcements.  There’s still time to register, so we hope you are willing to share a reminder with your audience.  Here’s a summary.  Full details and registration are here: https://forms.gle/NFMBUXzq3ocvRSjq9

The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story – a profoundly revealing vision of American past and present (book) Starts Sept 27

For The Wild – highlighting conversations with guests of color about hard truths in dark times (podcast) Starts October 5

Seeing White – our real history in the US — the one none of us were taught in school (podcast) Starts October 10

The Repair – how we have gone wrong in our relationship with earth and its uneven impacts (podcast) Starts October 10

The Land That Has Never Been Yet – an examination of whether we have ever had a real democracy (podcast) Starts October 12

Caste: The Origins of our Discontent – how we have been shaped by a hidden caste system (book) Starts October 25

Barred:  Why the Innocent Can’t Get Out of Prison  – what is wrong with our criminal justice system (book) Starts November 1

Information and storytelling bring people together in new ways.


Jody Feldman

Antiracism Learning Circles



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