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Before the Storm

The gray gathers over the mountains and the signs of approaching weather fill the senses. The storms we all witness and weather together come in so many varieties. We will look together at how storms in our lives impact who we are, who we … read more.

After the Rains

The deepening of roots, the expanding of leaves and branches, the crisp call of the birds of the land and sea all follow the drenching rains. Come and celebrate the new lives in our midst as we celebrate the turning of the season and … read more.

A Year Made Better by Our Care

What if hope and attention fuel our power for real change? How do we deepen the wells that provide sources of hope for ourselves and others? What do you hope will change for the better this year? Join us to light a spark in the … read more.

Space for Grace?

When closely held values of democracy, justice, and fair play are under regular attack what can we do? How does our faith guide our actions? And how can we find the virtue in fortitude?

Faith Under Pressure

Unitarian Universalism struggles to reconcile its beliefs with the realities of our shared world community. The question of evil lurks around so much of what we see. We will look together at responses our shared faith can offer.

Who Am I?

The power of naming is profound. It is reserved in many faiths for the very Gods. We will learn the painful journey of ways names can be used as weapons and understand more deeply the power of so many spirits that overcame these attacks.

Remaking History

A few weeks ago, visiting with my family, we realized that my niece and nephew had never seen the movie Groundhog Day. Now, for those of you who don’t know this movie, it’s an Andie MacDowell classic. Bill Murray is also noted for his performance. … read more.

The Message Is in the Music

We will look together at the some of the music and songs that tell the story of bondage of slavery while we also explore the hidden, deep, and liberating messages in these songs that might lead the way for all to be free.

The Way of Strength

Think about the strongest person you know. Really get that person in your mind. Is it someone with lots of muscles? Someone who can do thirty pull-ups? Maybe someone who has done an Iron Man? Maybe it is Iron Man. Or did you think about … read more.

A Faith of Action

On this Sunday we will share worship with one of our most active partners in addressing the pressing social justice concerns on these islands. Faith Action has a long relationship with our community, and their new Executive Director, Christy MacPherson offers a great deal to … read more.

What Is Our Most Valuable Treasure?

Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you,
with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us. – 2 Timothy 1:14

Many can think of memories about the love and care of parents and grandparents, their knowledge, and their responsibility. Many feel that … read more.

Hopes for the New Year

On this Sunday we will receive the wisdom of a range of personal, lived experiences from our community and its members. Come and take part in ways we let go and ways we hold tight and what these experiences can tell us about ourselves and … read more.

No-Rehearse Christmas Pageant

Come and be with us as we gather for one of this community’s most delightful and fun experiences of the year, when we will look together at the Christmas mysteries and as we all help and pitch in to allow this beloved story to unfold … read more.

Eccentricity in Excelsis

I heard a woman say once that she was a little crazy. No one around her laughed. Everyone just kind of looked at her uncomfortably. Maybe they were wondering whether she was OK, or if she might do something unexpected, or something…well…crazy. But she didn’t. … read more.

Oceans of Blue

What a blessing to have a reminder of the holiness a night can hold. I remember many winters when I looked forward to hearing that song belted out by a couple who sang for the New York Metropolitan Opera but lived in my hometown during … read more.

Friends in Faith

Friend of our community and professor of religious studies, Jay Sakashita, will be with us again to engage, enlighten, and inspire us in our search for truth and meaning in our own faiths.

Fire of Commitment

Around this time of year, I always remember learning about one of the first worship services I would get to lead as a real, grown-up minister. It was a few years ago, as a ministerial intern. And one of the first things that happened in … read more.

I Say Yes

When one says “yes”, an infinite number of possibilities open to them. Yes means to be open for all good to flow our way.