Our worship team is presenting an original dramatic work by local playwright, Carol Polcovar: In the time before foreign merchants and determined missionaries arrived in great numbers, Hawaiians developed their own culture and history. Contact with the outside world brought deep changes in the lives of the Hawaiian people. This play is about one of … Continued

Tell The Story, Part Two

There is really nothing quite like a cliffhanger. Movies, books, television shows…they all use of this device. It activates something in our mind, something that desires resolution, something that desires closure. It’s probably good for us, but it can be unsettling. Anyone who saw the new Marvel Comics movie knows that. I won’t spoil anything … Continued

Tell The Story, Part One

Telling stories is something we have been doing for ages in our shared human family. Out from our ages past, some of the stories we tell change and mold to fit the times in which we live. We will look together at the ways we understand stories and how we tell our own.

The World of Religion: Making Sense Out of Non-Sense

All that we call reality is virtual reality, it is constructed, formed from our experience, our beliefs, mour myths. Jay has written, “In the study of religion, myths are not lies, but they are not caches of historical facts either. Myths lie somewhere in between. Myths are religious stories that may or may not be … Continued

Where the Heart Is

Nestled up a bit in the valley is a house. It is like a lot of houses. It has walls, and windows, and doors. I know things about the house, things a lot of other people don’t. On quiet days, mostly on Mondays, doves roost and coo together in pairs on the lawn. There is … Continued

Anatomy and Philosophy

A wise teacher, really a governess of some fame, once offered this famous suggestion: “Let’s start at the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start.” And as it turns out, the beginning is also a pretty interesting place to start, too. As it is told, “In the beginning when God created the heavens … Continued

The Heart of Justice: Then and Now

Tracing the arc of justice from the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr., through significant justice action and progress by this congregation over the past year, to the inspiring power of the youth movement against gun violence — we will gather in hope and commitment. We will share opportunities for growing impact including … Continued

Roots of Faith

The earth awakes again. Down into the crackling, churning earth, sliding in plates that grind out a ticking of a clock, s clock that keeps the deepest, the oldest, the forgotten time, down into that crackling, churning earth spreads the warmth that gathers now once more, like it has gathered since time that passes out … Continued

A Unitarian Passover Seder

Passover Seders have helped us to identify oppression for thousands of years. While we tell the story of the Exodus, we should remember there is still work to do to guarantee justice and equality for all people. Join us for potluck afterwards.

The Wait of the World

I am a patient man. I was a patient child…when I wanted to be. Right mom and dad? I know this, and we have today the witness of my parents in case my word is not sufficient, because if you wanted to, you could track my childhood by a series of…campaigns. We are not talking … Continued

Sing a New Song

It is truly a gift to be present for this first experience of our choir today. I confess, when we started talking about the idea, it didn’t dawn on me that I would be such a, shall we say, integral part of it. But I’m glad that I am, and I’m glad for all of … Continued

Big Game

Church is the place where believers can love one another (1 John 4:12), encourage one another (Hebrews 3:13), “spur” one another (Hebrews 10:24), serve one another (Galatians 5:13), instruct one another (Romans 15:14), honor one another (Romans 12:10), and be kind and compassionate to one another (Ephesians 4:32). Do we need these things? If so … Continued

What We Have Done

I invite you to come with me on a journey. We are together in the dessert. The shifting sands and dry winds find every piece of earth, every piece of our exposed skin. We can feel the sting of the whipping sand in our eyes. The beating sun heats our covered heads, and the unmistakable … Continued

Honoring Our Elders and Ourselves

This Sunday is the 65th anniversary of our Church’s birth as a member of the American Unitarian Association, the predecessor of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. We will celebrate this milestone in song, poetry, and story. We will also pay homage to our Church’s beloved elders. If you can, WEAR PURPLE. If you are … Continued

Around in Circles

It was a normal afternoon for me. I met a friend at the mall for some Christmas shopping and to grab a coffee. We finished our shopping quicker than we expected…and our coffee, too. And neither of us had much to do in the afternoon. As we sat in the mall corridor, watching the families … Continued

A UU Yom Kippur in January

The Jewish high holy day of Yom Kippur comes a bit late this year to First Unitarian of Honolulu. But it’s not too late to start 2018 with thoughts of the important ideals of forgiveness, charity, remembrance, and prayer.

On Being Human

We humans spend a lifetime of practice and still we are learning to be human. Dogs, on the other hand, may be the perfect Zen Masters. A Border Collie is perfectly and completely a Border Collie. Her only inner conflict involves keeping her silly sheep together. That purity of essence is part of what I … Continued

Hand in Hand

On this special morning when we remember the life and the ministry of Martin Luther King, Jr., we will look to the leadership of the youngest members of our community and share a meal of Stone Soup together. Come and join in this celebration of one of our most cherished, prophetic voices with the leaders … Continued

Divine Justice

I heard a story some years ago. It was a story about a preacher who was invited to preach at a well-known, visible church that stood in the deep history of the American Black Church tradition. The minister who was invited to preach was a white woman. In preparing her sermon, she labored and labored … Continued

Pageant for All Ages

Come join in an afternoon of imagining one of our time’s great stories of searching, hoping, and finding. We will join together to share in these stories, to light our pathways with shared light, and to sing amid the silence of this night.