2022 Slate to be voted on at UU Annual Meeting - Archived

The Nominating Team presents the following slate:

The names in black are currently serving and will continue on.  The names in red will be voted on at the Annual Meeting on June 6.

group role 2022 confirmed term (left)
The Board President Allison Jacobs 1 year
The Board V-President Liz Auselbrook 1 year
The Board Secretary Dave Hafner 1 year
The Board Treasurer Beth Beyers 1 year
The Board Director 1 Danika Kleiber 3 years
The Board Director 2 Janel Scharhag 2 years
The Board Director 3 Jackie Burke 1 year
Soc Justice Member 1 Valerie Miller 2 years
Soc Justice Member 2 Paul Davis 2 years
Soc Justice Member 3 Ramoda Anand 2 years
Soc Justice Member 4 1 year
Soc Justice Member 5 Matt Geyer 1 year
Soc Justice Member 6 Francine Less 1 year
NomCom Member 1 3 years
NomCom Member 2 Nancy Young 3 years
NomCom Member 3 Nan Kleiber 1 year
NomCom Member 4 Nancy Schildt 1 year
NomCom Member 5 Lee Curran 2 years
NomCom Member 6 Catherine Graham 2 years
Endowment Chair Richard Valasek 2 years
Endowment Member 2 Bill Scarvie 1 year
Endowment Member 1 Laurel Zeri 3 years


Catherine Graham
Nancy Schildt
Nan Kleiber
Theresa Moorleghen
William Scarvie
Lee Curran

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