Month: October 2020

Faith Action News for October 21

Update on Faith Action Investment Drive

We are right in the middle of our annual Faith Action Unit Investment Drive.  The Drive started on September 19th and will run up to Halloween.  We call it an “Investment Drive” because, while we are a 501c organization (i.e., … read more.

Weekly Message from T. J.

Decision Division

This past weekend I preached at Central Union Church. It was a wonderful experience to share worship with one of my good friends and colleagues on the island. And it was a wonderful experience to share some of what our community thinks about, what … read more.

6. Little Bear and the Stars Principle 7 & 8

For the final episode of our Little Bear story, Little Bear and Papa talk to the stars and learn the seventh principal and our eighth principal: to care for the earth and to work to break down barriers that separate people from each other.

Little Bear Craft Kit Instructions

Little Bear Craft Kit 




As Unitarian Universalists you are absolutely free to choose how you use the items in your Fall RE program craft kit! 🙂 However, if you want some guidance, below are ways in which I thought the program might work, as a “build … read more.