Month: December 2019

Weekly Message from T. J.

All Through the Night

On Sunday, at the urging of friends, I was delighted to attend the annual holiday concert presented by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Honolulu. It was extraordinary—not necessarily for the musicianship (though lovely), but more for the depth of the concert’s heart. … read more.

Weekly Message from T. J.

No Coincidences

“Oh, I love this time of year.”

I’ve been hearing this a lot lately. I’m guessing you have, too. But what is becoming more common is what follows this statement. For decades, what followed this statement was, “All the decorations in the windows, the heavy … read more.

Weekly Message from T. J.

Checking In

“We’re checking in right now!”

I received this message a short while ago from a good friend who will soon be holding his first-born child. Well, let’s all hope it will be soon, for his wife’s sake. The waiting and expectation seem appropriate about now.

This … read more.