Month: April 2019

Weekly Message from T. J.

Coming Through

I laughed a little when the text came through: “So what exactly do Unitarian ministers do for holy week?” No doubt, my minister friend at a Christian church was staring down this week of worship in Christian communities and wondering what it might be … read more.

Weekly Message from T. J.

Asking for a Raise

Yesterday I received a question by email:

Who/What raises UUs up?

And I took a little while to think about it. The question was inspired by the song You Raise Me Up which was written by a little-known folk duo in Europe in 2002. But … read more.

Weekly Message from T. J.

Peace of Advice

Someone asked me yesterday, “What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?” And I was a little stumped. I thought about parents. I thought about teachers. I thought about close friends. But nothing came. There wasn’t a clear winner. Rev. … read more.