Monthly Archives: October 2018

Weekly Message from T. J.

A Common Heart Those of you who were present at my ordination might remember the sermon that was delivered by Rev. Christopher Mathewson. He is a childhood friend of mine. But before he was a friend, he wasn’t. Let’s just say that one swim class my freshman year of high school held a pretty painful … Continued

Family Promise Needs Meal Providers week of Dec. 3.

The First Unitarian Church members provide dinners for Family Promise families when they stay at Nuuanu Congregational Church across the Pali Hwy from us.  Our next rotation is Dec. 3 – 8.  Please sign up to prepare a meal for 20 people, deliver it by 6pm, and stay to dine with the families.  It’s a … Continued

Weekly Message from T. J.

This Little Light It’s always a bit of a surprise. A pumpkin in a window. A string of electric lights with little plastic jack-o-lanterns illuminated all in a row. It’s going to be Halloween in a few days, but it’s a surprise to me. The holidays I’d known so well on the mainland, the celebrations … Continued

Ministerial Transition Task Force small group meeting – Nov. 4, 11:30 AM

Small group meetings are an important element of the decision process to call Rev. T. J. to be our settled minister. Many members have already had an opportunity to reflect on questions relating to our church community and Rev. T. J.’s role as minister. This has happened through Chalice Circles Covenant Groups, and a meeting … Continued

Wake Now My Vision (slightly changed)

How do you see our church in fifteen years? Thirty years? We can make a difference in the life of our church, even for years after we’re no longer here by making a legacy contribution for the future. We already have a few donors, but now is our opportunity to bring this bounty to our … Continued

UUs and Family Promise – A chance to feed Homeless Families

Social Service is important to UUs.  Homelessness is an issue that we UUs would like fixed.  Family Promise is a great organization that needs our help to fix homelessness.  Family Promises houses homeless families, (vetted by Family Promise, at lease one parent needs to be employed), in different churches for a week at a time, … Continued

First UU Endowment Committee Solicits Applications

The First UU Endowment Committee solicits applications for semi-annual disbursement of church funds invested in the Unitarian Universalist Common Endowment Fund. Up to $4,000 will be available and will be awarded for one or more proposals commensurate with the church mission. Guidelines for submitting applications: All submissions are due by 10 November 2018. Submissions will … Continued