Monthly Archives: August 2018

FACE Newsletter

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Second Sunday Lunches resurrected

Sept. 9.  The Board will be serving Japanese Vegan Curry and rice.  $10 suggested donation Second Sunday lunches have been enjoyed after church for many years.  The proceeds from the lunches support members of our church going to General Assembly in June to Spokane, Washington. We will all have an opportunity to participate in this … Continued

Committing ourselves to calling our minister

Calling a minister to enter into a true partnership with a church is not a decision to be taken lightly.  Do most church members and the minister have similar goals and needs?  How do we determine this.  There are UUA guidelines for calling a contracted minister.  Rev. T.J. FitzGerald has been our minister under contract.  … Continued

Planned Giving Team formed

Many of you may be aware how critical end-of-life gifts have been to the financial health of this church. In order to encourage and facilitate such gifts in the future the Board has directed the formation of a Planned Giving Team. This is an especially advantageous time to consider such a new gift, since the … Continued