Monthly Archives: February 2018

Weekly Message from T. J.

Inspired One of the most beloved songs we sing as Unitarian Universalists is the song Sprit of Life by Carolyn McDade. In it, the singers beckon the arrival of a spirit that touches the soul and builds in us something of use to the world. As with so many of the most powerful images and … Continued

Endowment Committee taking grant applications

  The First UU Endowment Committee solicits applications for semi-annual disbursement of church funds invested in the Unitarian Universalist Common Endowment Fund. Up to $4,500 will be available and will be awarded for one or more proposals commensurate with the church mission. Guidelines for submitting applications: All submissions are due by 1 April, 2018. Submissions … Continued

Weekly Message from T. J.

A Place in the Choir I will never forget watching that videotape. There on the second riser, he stands. He is playing with his tie. OK, now he is hitting other children with his tie. And what is he doing now? Oh my…he is now pretending to blow his nose on his tie and wipe … Continued

Regional Assembly Speaker Change

Worship Change at Regional Assembly It is with disappointment that I must let you know that the Rev. Dr. William Barber, who was scheduled to preach at our Sunday morning service during our upcoming Regional Assembly, has contacted me to let know that he will be unable to attend because of a personal obligation that … Continued