Month: January 2018

Weekly Message from T. J.

Homeward Bound

“Ladies and gentlemen. As you can see the captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign indicating that we have begun our initial descent into Honolulu. As the crew moves through the cabin to collect any remaining service items, please return your chairs and … read more.

Weekly Message from T. J.

A Shared Blessing

Who is your minister?

You might be thinking of the person you see on Sundays delivering a sermon. Or you might be thinking of some other person who was a minister of the church in the past. But most of us have … read more.

Weekly Message from T. J.

Getting In Line

I turn off the ringing alarm. I pack up my documents. I get in my car and head down. I want to arrive early so that I can beat the line. Surely, there can’t be too much of a line before they … read more.

Weekly Message from T. J.

Talk About The Weather

I never spent a lot of time worrying about the weather. And being here in Honolulu has effectively cured me of any lingering habit I might have had to worry much about checking the weather or fearing for what it will bring—surely … read more.