12/24 4 pm – No-Rehearse Christmas Pageant - Archived

You are invited to come and join in the retelling and, yes, the re-living of the ancient story of the Nativity, the story of the birth of Jesus. The No-Rehearse Christmas Pageant is a chance to show up and have some fun with a story where everyone can take part. All it takes is a little time and a lot of imagination:

Come and imagine that you have never heard it before.  

Come and imagine that after years and years of hearing stories about women and men bowing down before powerful kings and emperors and dictators and chieftains and tyrants, you finally hear a story in which three powerful, wise people and shepherds alike kneel down before one tiny, newborn child.

Come and imagine that in this story, all the people are longing for peace on earth and good will to all people everywhere.  

Come and imagine that after hearing so many stories about terrible wars–about persecutions and pogroms–you hear the friendly story of a birth, the story of a humble carpenter and his wife, the baby that is born to them in a stable, shepherds in a starlit field who leave their sheep to go and see the new-born child, and gentle animals who gather ’round in the stable where the baby lies in a manger. 

Come and imagine that you are hearing for the first time a story that questions the power of large armies and great wealth.  

Come and imagine that you hear a story that talks instead about the transforming power of love instead of the transforming power of war.

Come and imagine a day in the future when people will really believe this story, will really believe that love is more powerful than war,that poor, humble people are just as important and just as powerful as the most famous and powerful rulers.

Come and join in the fun as we imagine together such a thing into being.

Feel free to bring yummy treats to share after the pageant. Some of us would love to have a selection of yummy fruit to choose from just a few hours before some of our bedtimes rather than cookies and sweets. So feel free to share some of the earth’s finest fruits alongside the fruits of your cookie labors.

All the fun begins at 4 pm, Monday, December 24 in the Sanctuary. Hope to see you then!