A Brief History of Bioethics

So what is Bioethics? By 1920 most major countries had some form of eugenics: good genes. Who do we want to reproduce the next generation? Who is best suited, who unfit? From Chile to Europe, China to USA, the unfit were sterilized. Only after the Holocaust did UNESCO convene this mandate for ethical humanism.

Juxtaposing Revolutionary Spirits

We continue our dance on the edge of the bioethical, exploring the socio-spiritual dilemmas challenging three revolutionary spirits at the nexus of racial and social justice in the 20th century. We meet Dr. Howard Thurman, co-founder of America’s first interracial church, an audacious Russian woman poet and revolutionary, and a few of Karl Marx’ relevant … Continued

What is Life: Origins in the Heart of Space and the Pulse of Stars

Cosmos, consciousness and creativity consort to bring the whole universe out of Oneness, we are told. From orchids and tortoises to humans and planetary eco-systems, we are made of star stuff. Yet why are we not yet living in global peace and harmony? What of angels, aliens and other worlds? And what is life?